My work is non-figurative, it rarely contains direct images of people. However, I wanted to communicate several things in my observations that are additional to my normal approach. I feel that the work presented here regards the contradictions of town and city : the unrelenting motion of the present marred with the indelible weightiness of the past. I am intrigued by people. I believe there is a sadness interspersed with cheerfulness that pervades the folk of the streets and within urban life. People search for a space/place to experience detachment and composure. As an outsider, a ‘tourist’ and non-native there is a curious mirror in my perception of myself and what I see in the community of people. 
I also wanted to explore the idea or the feeling of instability, as humans we are inconsistent and even with systems of regulation and apparent orderliness, most things are not as they seem. Despite obvious organisation, not everything can be controlled. 
Nonetheless, there is optimism. Through the chaos, surrealism, din, and general hotchpotch of life, cuts a sense of belonging, introspection and communion.